Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking Cessation

Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking Cessation

Several of my hypnotherapy clients that come to me for help with smoking cessation have admitted one of the main reasons they have avoided giving up cigarettes is the likely weight gain that will result. But does smoking cessation really cause weight gain? Not always. Smoking is a habit the body learns, and you simply have to train your body to remove this habit. Replacing the negative habit with a healthy one such as regular exercise, crafting or proper food preparation you can negate many of the side effects most assume is inevitable.

Studies show that there are a limited amount of people who see an increase in their body’s metabolism while smoking, so of course when they quit their metabolism will slow down causing the body to pack on weight. One of my clients cited this as one of her main setbacks in both quitting and losing weight. She mentioned that even though she didn’t change her eating habits or her fitness routine, the moment she stopped smoking her weight blossomed. The change in her body prompted her to return to smoking before she benefited from the choice to quit. After a few sessions, she was determined to stick to her plan to quit regardless of her weight changes.

You have to decide yourself whether a few pounds in more important than saving your life. There is no point in fitting into that hot outfit if you are coughing up a lung ever few minutes.

The true reason most people gain weight isn’t due to metabolism changes, but rather by their choice to substitute their addiction to cigarettes with an addiction to food. If you find yourself eating more than your body needs, addressing what causes that response is the only way to make sure you avoid falling back into bad habits such as smoking or overeating.

People who stop smoking also notice the improved taste of their meals. This heightened awareness can cause them to eat more than they normally would simply because it tastes better. A common habit among people who smoke is to have a stick of nicotine gum right after their meal to limit their desire for additional servings or dessert.

One of my long term clients visited my office for hypnotherapy exactly for this reason. She had smoked for well over 20 years and the taste of many foods were forgotten by her brain due to the effect of nicotine on he olfactory senses. After quitting, she seemed to have discovered a whole new world of smells and taste that led to a tremendous amount of weight gain. We worked on this issue in several of our sessions as well as finding the cause of her eating issues. Most of them were related to stress and a negative outlook of the world. Once we took care of the underlying issues, she was able to commit to not smoking and lose the extra fat.

very time you smoke you are taking time off your life. You are creating the reason for you own death, prematurely. Just a year after a person stops smoking their risk of heart disease is literally cut in half, making it more important than ever to stop now. The media has brainwashed people into thinking that you will automatically get fat by quitting. Your mind has an incredible power to make your thoughts a reality so think positive for the best results.

Thinking you will get fat just because you are quitting will contribute to your minds choice to eat poorly or avoid exercise. Weight management is not only a battle of the body, but also a battle of the mind. The more effort you put towards positive thoughts the more likely you are to avoid falling into the eating trap. Using your choice to change your negative habits to increase your longevity is the first step to respecting your body.

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