4 Ways To Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success

Ways To Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success

Those times when you have friends of family come to you for some weight loss advice, you can generally point them in the right direction by telling them one or two small changes that they need to implement to get the long term results that they are looking for.

Ways To Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success

A great example is if you have a friend comes to you for some tips to lose weight, and you know that she drinks like five cans of soda every single day… then all you need to tell her is to drop the cans of soda and replace them with water.

Or that work mate of yours that is always in McDonald’s at lunch time… all you need to say to them when they come to you for help to losing fat is to cut the fast food and start eating more healthy and nutritious things.

But the reality is that these are really simple and obvious solutions to problems that are quite apparent to anyone who pays attention. What’s harder to figure out is why you’re not losing weight, despite living a healthy lifestyle.

You’ve been eating clean for as long as you can remember and you are living quite a healthy lifestyle but you’re still not losing the weight that you want to lose

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